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Was perfect. Easy to install

I love this new tool, it makes it easier to do the rear windows in tight spaces.


Nice clean look once installed, happy customers.


I like really good

MAX 2Ply Premium CARBON Window Film Roll

Great service

They have great service. I will be ordering the whole family tint soon

Single Edge Razor Blade (100pack) E1


I’ve been using this film for a year now and it has been very good to me especially for side windows. It shrinks really well for the back glass also but I don’t know if it’s me or certain cars but sometimes I get fingers at the bottom of the back glass after I install that I have to keep pressing down many times to lay it down. When I use flex film for the back glass I don’t have this issue so maybe flex film kind of has an advantage since their film is pressure sensitive.

PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll

RED TITAN Squeegee C5

Best window tint that I have been using since long time. Great quality

PUREMAX tint seems like a winner.

PUREMAX seems like a winner.

The film feels sturdy, shrinking was nice, and optical clarity is very good. I can’t comment about the color stability, but the initial color is a nice neutral smoke/black.

Great film

Film is great budget film.

MAX 2Ply Premium CARBON Window Film Roll

The best 👌

Is a film the you can work well


Perfect for windshields!! And quality product

Absolutely the best value.

We plan to stay with Lexen as long as things hold up. Their ceramic line we are going to try for the first time and hope it gives us the same quality if not better then what we were using before!!

PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll


Great film,easy to work with

Great inexpensive Heat Lamp

I just wished not all of the glass would have been scratched. Overall is a great lamp, but makes a lot of noise due to the gap in between the glass and the acrylic.

PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll

Great service

I love this film and the service. Provided by the company is great.
I had a problem with a film and they solved in A day I was super impressed. Thank you guys!

Gasket Pry Spoon D1

Window Tint

Excellent product. The pre cut tint has been spot on every time and is a breeze to apply.