LEXEN.LLC was established in Ellicott City, Maryland in 2010.

We are an e-commerce store and a commercial distributor of automotive window films all across the United States.

The founder of Lexen is a professional tinter for two decades and has a great knowledge about automotive film and the whole film industry.

Our goal is to create an innovative film distributing company that can provide quality products and services.

The Lexen does not have any markup from the middlemen and with low margin/high volume sales process allows us to keep our film price affordable.

We make our online ordering process fast and easy with speedy delivery.

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority, and we are always improving in ways that benefit our customers.

All of our premium film that we have made affordable and accessible to everyone combined with the quality tint tools and precut kits we offer is what makes Lexen so unique in its field.